Eye On The Target: How Optometrists Help Your Eye Health
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Eye On The Target: How Optometrists Help Your Eye Health

Welcome. My name is Ariana and I work as a medical assistant at an army base. My main job is to make sure that there are no hidden health risks for our seemingly fit army personnel. One of the biggest issues I uncover is eyesight problems. I have discovered that a lot of people think that there is no need to visit an optometrist unless their eyes are sore or vision is blurry. This myth can be found in the army too. In the course of my work, I have learnt that many eye problems have no symptoms for a long time. I am always encouraging family and friends to go for annual eye checks. I have become so passionate about this issue that I started this blog to explain how optometrists can help you keep the best vision possible. Please scan through my entries. Enjoy.


Eye On The Target: How Optometrists Help Your Eye Health

Eye Strain: Four Ways to Prevent it

Akseli Takala

If you are experiencing burning or itching eyes, blurry vision, or problems concentrating while reading or using the computer, you might be suffering from eye strain. This is a common condition that is caused from things like poor lighting and not giving your eyes enough breaks during certain activities. Here are some ways to prevent eye strain and improve your overall eye health.

Use Enough Lighting

One of the most important things to do when you are using the computer or reading a book is to have proper lighting. If you are reading a book, magazine, or newspaper, have the lighting source behind you. This allows the pages to be illuminated without causing your eyes to strain. With the computer, you want adequate light that allows you to see the monitor and keyboard, but isn't too bright. Natural light is not usually recommended for using the computer since it causes a reflection, leading your eyes to work harder to see. Get a good lamp that provides moderate light, but not as bright as what traditional offices have.

Give Your Eyes a Break

Another thing your eyes need while using the computer or reading is a break from the current activity. It doesn't have to be a long break, but every few minutes, look away for a few seconds, then back at your current activity. This allows your eyes to adjust to something different. You can look outside to enjoy the view of nature, check the clock on the wall, or take a longer break while you get a cup of coffee or a snack. You should also be taking longer breaks at regular intervals throughout the day to let your eyes rest even longer.

Adjust Your Monitor

Your computer monitor may be the culprit for the constant eye strain while at home or work. Start by keeping the monitor free of dust to reduce the glare. Another good idea is to have an anti-glare screen placed on the front of the monitor. If you still have a bad glare, keep your curtains closed while working. Check the monitor's resolution, ensuring it is using the highest resolution. For the position of the monitor, it needs to be just below eye level and not too close to your face, or too far away.

Get a Routine Eye Exam

Seeing your optometrist on a regular basis is very important, especially if you suffer from eye strain. Your eyes might be giving you problems due to an eye disease or condition, or simply because your eyesight is starting to fade and you need corrective eyewear. Make sure you visit your optometrist about once a year or so for a comprehensive eye exam.