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Eye On The Target: How Optometrists Help Your Eye Health


Reclaiming Vision | 3 Golden Efforts To Ensure A Speedy Recovery From Your Cataract Operation

The lens around your eyeballs is typically clear, but when a cataract forms, it starts to get murky, which ultimately hurts your vision. When this happens, you will need to undergo a cataract operation to remove the cloudy lens and replace it with a clear, artificial one. While the procedure is safe and quick, recovery […]

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Understanding The Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For Uveitis

The middle section of your eye is known as the uvea, and uveitis occurs when the uvea becomes inflamed. This condition can be serious and, if left untreated, can lead to retinal detachment and complete loss of vision. Any of the three parts of the uvea, the iris, choroid and ciliary body, can become inflamed […]

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Eye Strain: Four Ways to Prevent it

If you are experiencing burning or itching eyes, blurry vision, or problems concentrating while reading or using the computer, you might be suffering from eye strain. This is a common condition that is caused from things like poor lighting and not giving your eyes enough breaks during certain activities. Here are some ways to prevent […]

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Understanding the Risk of Wearing Contacts Too Long Each Day

If there’s one thing that optometrists around the world have trouble making their patients understand, it’s the importance of giving your eyes a chance to breathe by having your contact lenses out for at least a few hours a day. Unfortunately, the convenience of contacts means that many wearers will keep them in all day […]

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